We make freaking delicious plant-based foods that help nature kick off its big comeback.


Our story starts when green-hearted foodie Merick and hotshot chef Marc hatched a daring plan to become Robin Hoods of the modern food industry. Ambitious? Absolutely. But the idea is surprisingly simple: the more people eat plant-based, the more land we can “steal” from animal agriculture to give back to nature.


If we all pitch in, we turn something that’s already easy to love — plant-based food — into a win-win-win food system for us, the animals and our planet. Because eating green means saving green. 

Holie molie, let’s eat! 

Hungry? Find our Hummus at Albert Heijn, Marqt, Deen, Dirk vd Broek & DekaMarkt. You can find our Granola at Albert Heijn. 


Johan Huizingalaan 763A

1066 VH Amsterdam


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